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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Water can cause a great deal of damage and destruction to your property and the belongings within if it penetrates inside. Finding the right type of immediate assistance to handle it all with great care, technique, and skillset, is what the clients require. We at Christensen Exteriors understand this need to the fullest and are equipped to provide them efficiently and timely. Our Water Damage Restoration Services are comprehensive and can restore the water damages, fix the cause behind the problem, make the necessary repairs, and dry up all areas.

Water damage restoration services include

Experts At Work

Christensen Exteriors have taken on board; some experienced and skilled technicians from the city. They are all licensed and insured personnel who are well-versed with their work practices. Damaged pipelines, water leakage problems, flooding, heavy rainfall, and water overflow can result in water accumulation, which can significantly weaken the property’s foundations if not treated properly and timely. Our experts use high-tech equipment to diagnose the area for water blockage, treat and repair the damages and also dry out all the water. Our service packages also take care of handling all the buildings’ repairs by reconstructing the damaged sections and paint coating the areas as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer comprehensive water damage restoration services, from assessing the extent of the damage to repairing and restoring any structures that have been impacted.

Our team is experienced in using moisture meters, infrared cameras, and dehumidifiers to help identify and mitigate any potential water damage in your property. 

We have extensive experience working with insurance companies to file claims for water damage restoration services, from filing the claim to assessing the damage and helping you get the best possible results from your insurance provider.

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