SIDING Installation

Sidings Installation
Hardie Board Installation Services

Siding remains an essential and considerable investment to be made on any property. It enhances the property’s outlook and adds a layer of protection to the house in the form of siding. The clients can reach out to us to get the sidings installed for the first time or get the old ones replaced. At Christensen Exteriors, we carry the board from the leading manufacturer, i.e., Hardie Board Installations. The clients have to choose, and we can install them as desired. With the experts from Christensen Exteriors on board, the homeowners receive a seamless experience of getting a new siding installed.

Why we Use Hardie Boards

Hardie Boards invented fiber cement and remains committed to continually raising the bar for the rest of the industry. For decades, James Hardie has made the most beautiful, durable fiber cement products on the market. Here at Christensen Exteriors, we pride ourselves on using the best products, which is why we use Hardie Boards.

Siding installation services include

Specialized Siding Services

Christensen Exteriors specializes in providing siding installation services to every type of homeowner. Hardie Board has various siding solutions that the clients can choose from according to the color, design, and texture. All the sidings that we install are of good quality and play a significant part in keeping the moisture out and ensuring that the house remains protected against heavy storms and improves energy efficiency by keeping the house warm in winters and cool in the summers.

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