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Stucco Installation Services

Stucco Installation services Sandy

Are you considering renovating your exterior? Then Christensen Exteriors can assist you in making this process effortless as well as efficient. When the matter comes to siding, there is no better option than stucco, and we provide the best stucco installation services Sandy. Our experts have years of experience and thus understand all the structural requirements of a property.

At Christensen Exteriors, you enjoy the excellent facility as well as expert advice to sustain the original spark of the property. Now get rid of ongoing repair expense, hectic maintenance and enjoy flawless curb appeal effortlessly by hiring the best Stucco Installation services Sandy. For further details, feel free to give us a call. We are here days and nights to serve you!

Commercial Stucco Installation services sandy ut

Christensen Exteriors recognizes the importance of maintaining the picture-perfect commercial building. Therefore, we deliver the most exemplary commercial stucco installation services Sandy UT. Our workers are profoundly skilled and use innovative methods to ensure you enjoy long-lasting exterior or interior sidings.

Years of experience in this profession have made us the most reliable contractors for commercial stucco installation services Sandy UT and its surroundings. Whether you need installation services, maintenance, or repair, we are always here to assist you. We aim to earn customers satisfaction and strive to offer better than what we claim! We can make your property beautiful and stunning in the most cost-effective manner.

Stucco Installation Services

Are you still thinking if you should get a stucco installed in your house? In addition to simply adding to the curb appeal of the place, many benefits come along. With Christensen Exteriors, the clients can get the stucco installed and enjoy some fantastic benefits such as protection against the mold, rotting, sound resistance, with a personalization element, to name a few. With the experts on board, we can provide all these benefits in a cost-effective and time-effective manner at excellent rates in Sandy, UT.

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Christensen Exteriors provides complete and comprehensive stucco installation services for residential & commercial clients in Sandy, UT. We work with the top contractors in town with proven work competency. Our team is professional, and we install all types of stucco at excellent rates. The three-coat plaster takes time compared to a single layer and exterior insulation stucco. Every layer adds a greater level of protection and takes time to dry out after application. Such architecture-related work takes more time and technique than simple ones. With the promised quality, we can deliver the required stucco services at your schedule.

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A complete stucco installation consists of a few steps. First, the wall must be prepared with water-resistant paper and metal lath. Then, a scratch coat is applied, followed by a brown coat which acts as a base for the final stucco coating. After this, the final layer is colored and textured to your liking. Finally, we apply sealant.

Christensen Exteriors offers a full range of stucco finishes and textures, including traditional, dry-stack, smooth, aggregate, and textured.

To do this, clean the stucco surface periodically with a mild detergent solution and pressure wash it. You should also seal the stucco every few years to prevent water damage and cracking.

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