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Deck Installation Services

Expert Deck Installation and Repair in Heber, UT

Decks change a place, whether home or office. By adding a deck to your Heber, UT home, pool area, or exterior, you can enhance your place’s space and, in many cases, upgrade your entire outdoor landscape. At Christensen Exterior, we will work with you through the entire deck installation process, from pre-planning and design straight through to final installation. Along with installation, we also offer affordable deck repair and replacement services. We partner with Heber, UT homeowners to ensure they get the finest decking solution available at the best price anywhere.

Here at Christensen Exteriors, we work closely with Heber, UT property owners serving as a decking contractor and custom deck design team.

Professional Window Installation by Christensen Exteriors

Are you thinking about repair or replacing your home’s or office’s windows or adding windows to an expansion or new build? Christensen Exteriors can help, whether it’s to install custom fabricated windows or simple windows for your unique needs.

Want to update a window due to rot damage or energy savings? We also specialize in window and door replacement and repairs. It doesn’t matter if a Heber blizzard or a football damaged your window; we are just a call away to give you a free estimate for your window’s repair.

Benefits of window installation

Christensen Exteriors work hand-in-hand with insurance companies and are happy to help expedite the process. We can add all types of windows to a room or replace your windows with a better, more energy-efficient product.

  • Bring natural light into your bathroom
  • Consume heat coming from outside
  • Keep the room heated in winters


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