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New Construction

Specialized Team for Your Residential or Commercial Construction Project

Utah is one of the fastest-growing states, so good real estate options are perfect for new constructions. We are here to help you initiate and complete any residential or commercial construction project with our 25+ years of experience. Our specialized team of engineers and architects will surely satisfy you.

The Most Comprehensive and Excellent New Construction Services in Sandy, UT

When it comes to construction, we can handle all tasks like stucco, plaster, window, and door installation, so we don’t hire any third party, and we do this to ensure the quality of work as consistency is the key in reliable constructions. Other than this, with our client-focused approach, we are always asking the customer for feedback and their insights.

Why Choose Us as Your Construction Contractor

No Compromises

People who are getting a new construction are never willing to compromise on any aspect, and we strongly believe in it so, you won’t ever have to compromise with anything. You will get exactly what you asked for.

Skilled Builders, Engineers, and Architects

Our company considers every building our own while working on it, so we only hire the most experienced engineers and architects for your project.

Permits and Regulations

If someone is looking to make a considerable investment in constructing a new house, they should have peace of mind that the construction company has all the permits and regulations.

Computerized and Exact Calculations

Error and substantial variations are expected when calculations are performed manually. We eliminate such calculation mistakes and surprises by always precisely computing the numbers for resources.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of new construction usually starts with a design. We will work with you to create a plan that meets your needs and budget, then review it before beginning construction.

Absolutely! Our team of general contractors is experienced in working closely with architects and designers to ensure the final product meets client needs.

Absolutely! We offer free estimates for all roofing projects. Christensen Exteriors is here to help you through any roofing project!

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