Exterior Stucco Inspection

The Benefits of Getting Your Stucco Inspected

We believe that inspecting your home or potential property purchase is a critical step in the process of homeownership. Through inspection, you can determine how every element of your home is designed to keep you safer and more comfortable. You will also see possible issues that will cost you expensive corrections in the long run. It’s well worth the extra effort or cost to have an exterior stucco inspection because it can ensure the quality from inside and out.


Experts in Stucco Inspections

At Christensen Exteriors, we don’t only create beautiful exteriors, we also know what they should look like. We are familiar with how a high-quality stucco exterior should be, as well as any other exterior surface.

We understand how the exterior of a home should be seamlessly created and protected, and we know what it looks like when a contractor has done a shoddy job, leaving you to fix the consequences.

When to Have Your Property Inspected

If you are buying an existing home, inheriting an older one, or you’re concerned about the status of your current house as you’ve noticed cracks or drafts, it’s time for an exterior stucco inspection.

You need an exterior inspection to determine the status of the walls, lath, stucco, exterior, roof, and other elements that make your home safe and beautiful. We offer a thorough inspection to make certain that every inch of your exterior is up to the standards set by the industry and your personal preferences.

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